“3D Management — An Integral Theory for Organisations in the Vanguard of Evolution” by Marco A. Robledo

The Whole That is Greater Than the Sum of its Puzzle Pieces

The Fourth Piece of the Puzzle: Holacracy + Integrative Decision Making by Brian Robertson

The Third Piece of the Puzzle: The SIMPOL Campaign by John Bunzl

Foto by Dương Nhân on Pexels

The Second Piece of the Puzzle: Daniel Schmachtenberger’s Analysis of Existential Risks

Rise and shine!

Showcasing Puzzle Pieces for a Hopeful Future


“No Objection, Your Honor! Merely a Safety Concern…” — Shifting the Language to Enhance the Process

Changes in the Governance Card

Subtle language practice — changes in the terminology for governance

The OMG Circle App („Organisation, Mensch, Gemeinschaft“) v2.0

The OMG Circle App („Organisation, Mensch, Gemeinschaft“) v2.0

Image credits: Conceptual illustration of a designer cell sensing a target cell (by Ryo Tachibana), combined with a photo of earth.

How to Overcome Humanity’s Immune Reaction to Acting on Climate Goals and How to Craft a More Inspiring Story

Dennis Wittrock

Integral pioneer from Germany. Holacracy Coach at Hypoport. Partner at encode.org. Co-founder Integral European Conference. www.denniswittrock.com

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