Emergent Solutions for a World in Crisis (Part 2)

The Second Piece of the Puzzle: Daniel Schmachtenberger’s Analysis of Existential Risks

This is the state of humanity wielding the power of god-like technologies without having developed the corresponding love and wisdom of gods.

Here’s a great example of Daniel Schmachtenberger in action

The Tragedy of the Commons — The Generator Function for Existential Risks

Many issues on the surface — one root cause below the surface: the Tragedy of the Commons and its variations Destructive International Competition a.k.a the game-theoretic Prisoner’s Dilemma

Systemic effects of “plausible deniability”

“All For One — One For All”

Being able to identify the main generator function for existential risk is actually very good news. It means that solving one core problem contains the key for solving a multitude of others — at least in principle.

The Other Puzzle Pieces

To be continued…

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