Emergent Solutions for a World in Crisis (Part 4)

The Fourth Piece of the Puzzle: Holacracy + Integrative Decision Making by Brian Robertson

How could we craft and decide upon global policies?

Enter Holacracy

Here’s a 2-minute clip that explains Holacracy

What is Holacracy?

Here you can see me during my TEDx talk struggling to convey what Holacracy is all about (19 min)

The Integrative Decision-Making Process (IDM)

IDM — An Evolutionary Winner

Evolution is way smarter than our capacity for deliberate processing from our mind.

From Governance in Holacracy-Powered Organizations to Global Governance via SIMPOL

John Bunzl (SIMPOL) & Brian Robertson (Holacracy) in conversation during a Holacracy Workshop in Bremen, 2012

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.“

– William Gibson

The Other Puzzle Pieces

To be continued…

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