Emergent Solutions for a World in Crisis (Part 5)

The Whole That is Greater Than the Sum of its Puzzle Pieces

The Whole That is Greater Than the Sum of its Puzzle Pieces

Overview of the journey through the articles with their respective guiding questions and puzzle pieces

1) “What is the case?” Ken Wilber’s Integral Methodological Pluralism (IMP)

2) „What is the root cause of the most pressing global problems? “ Daniel Schmachtenberger’s Analysis of Existential Risks (X-Risks)

3) „How can we solve the Tragedy of the Commons politically? “ — The SIMPOL Campaign by John Bunzl

4) “Which process should we use to craft policies to efficiently integrate key concerns?“ — Holacracy & Integrative Decision Making by Brian Robertson

We will need much better ways to explore the design space of potential solutions in an intelligent way

Putting it all together

I think that each one of us holds unique insights and perspectives that can help create a saner, more whole world. Each one of us is a unique intersection of experiences in the grand Kosmic web of existence.

Integral pioneer from Germany. Holacracy Coach at Xpreneurs. Partner at encode.org. Co-founder Integral European Conference. www.denniswittrock.com