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    A critic of modern times - offering ideas for honest contemplation.

  • Ted Rau

    Ted Rau

    Sociocracy, Non-Violent Communication, Linguistics

  • Blake Lemoine

    Blake Lemoine

    I'm a software engineer. I'm a priest. I'm a father. I'm a veteran. I'm an ex-convict. I'm an AI researcher. I'm a cajun. I'm whatever I need to be next.

  • Samo Burja

    Samo Burja

    There has never been an immortal society. Figuring out why. I write on history, epistemology and strategy.

  • Ryan Nakade

    Ryan Nakade

    Depolarization, mediation, dialogue. Integrative solutions to cultural conflict. And diaphanous goat whisperer.

  • Julyan Davey

    Julyan Davey

    Exploring the next evolution of human society.

  • Daniel Bartel — Innovation for Future!

    Daniel Bartel — Innovation for Future!

    Innovating for Common Good @MAK3it @GWÖ & @SEND_ev. I ♥ #LeanImpact #SocEnt & @KoKonsum. Let’s #unfuckStartups! Books: #StartupHandbuch #DerMomTest

  • Kristian Stålne

    Kristian Stålne

    Adult development researcher, PhD, senior lecturer at Malmö University. Engaged in Inner Development Goals. Complex thinking + complex challenges = ❤.

  • Hanzi Freinacht

    Hanzi Freinacht

    Hanzi Freinacht is a political philosopher, historian and sociologist, author of ‘The Listening Society’, ‘Nordic Ideology’ .

  • Benoît Pointet

    Benoît Pointet

    Holacracy Coach & SelfOrg Activator at Liip

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