Marco Robledo’s “3D Management” — A Book Review

“3D Management — An Integral Theory for Organisations in the Vanguard of Evolution” by Marco A. Robledo

Dr. Marco A. Robledo

The “3D” refers to “The Big Three” of Art, Morals, and Science; or I, We and It; or the Beautiful, the Good, and the True according to Ken Wilber’s integral theory.

These three dimensions are a condensed version of the four quadrants (simplifying the two “exterior” quadrants by treating them as one). The backbone of 3D Management then is to take into account these three fundamental dimensions whenever you are running a business.

The Four Quadrants as described by Ken Wilber — they can be simplified as “The Big Three”

Robledo’s work provides a theoretical meta-framework, capable of believably interweaving multiple theories about business at the vanguard of evolution.

He discusses the most prominent approaches in the field, honors their contributions as well as criticizes them, where it seems necessary. His grand integral map is not just an elegant theory pleasing readers with academic inclinations, it also helps to guide business leaders and practitioners in asking and answering the most important questions with regard to their practical endeavors.

Integral pioneer from Germany. Holacracy Coach at Xpreneurs. Partner at Co-founder Integral European Conference.